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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I love helping people discover and embrace who they are designed to be so they can thrive in their “sweet spot”.


My goal is that you are free to “be who you are, not who you’re not”! Instead of conforming to an expectation of who you should be, comparing yourself to others, compromising to fit in, feeling misunderstood and undervalued; you can be transformed into who you were designed to be. As we go on your strengths journey,  you will gain a new perspective of your identity, your purpose, and ultimately, the unique value you bring.


This process has been life-changing for me as I continue to tap into who I am as a wife, mom, coach, mentor, project specialist, business partner, and entrepreneur. When my first son was born, within minutes, I remember thinking, “this is what I was made for”! I get to experience that over and over as I help others embrace who they are, learn to tap into the energy that brings, and finally say, “I was made for this”!  There is nothing better than seeing the freedom, energy, and purpose people find when they understand their own uniqueness and value. 


I have over 30 years of experience in teaching, mentoring, and training people in personal growth and development. I am a Mental Fitness coach and am certified as a CoreClarity facilitator. This is a framework and methodology that serves to help people gain clarity on who they are at their core so they can truly be their best selves at home and work. This propels teams to transform as they capitalize on the diverse value of each member through comprehensive team dynamics and personal development modules.

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My husband, Mike, and I have developed Destination Unbreakable, a strengths-based couples retreat, where we help you discover what’s great about yourself and each other. When couples learn to see each other through these new lenses and gain a fresh perspective, relationships are transformed.

I look forward to helping you on your journey!

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